5,200 surface lumens



0.8mm pixel pitch

5040x2160 resolution



176° cylindrical field of view

4 meters x 1.7 meters



120 frames per second with active glasses


You‘ve never experienced anything like playing games on EONZ. We will draw you into our amazing world of transformational digital content where you will feel like you are there –encircled by the game. Let us know where you live and we'll invite you to come play free when we come to your town. 


Stadeon is the next-generation, futuristic evolution of VRcades. The multi-layered experience of mass image immersion projected inside a dome housing clusters of EONZ screens for immersive experiences where gamers gather, play, compete and socialize.  Join our team of Stadeon managers to help  gamers unite.    We are currently looking to connect with those seeking opportunities in management operations, technical support, and food/beverage service in San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Sign up to learn more Stadeon employment.  


Our immersive imagery creates a new visual reality for entertainment, simulation, and advertising applications. The imagery reinforced your senses and unlocks the gateway to personal creativity.

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